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The crispness of red apple complemented by the sourness of green to create this signature flavor. This blend of fruit and spices is one of true character.

Lively and juicy. Al Fakher’s peach has a refreshingly different taste that will have you moving to the country for more.

Sweet, vibrant and with a zesty undertone, Al Fakher Grape delivers an enticing and unmatched flavour that lingers. Become acquainted and you’ll find a warm and welcoming smoking partner for life.

Exquisite balance of sweet and tart flavours. Blueberries are great in pies, muffins and pancakes, imagine them in your mu'assel.

We capture the generous fruity sweetness of freshly picked strawberries in these molasses. Close your eyes and imagine summer.

A step away from everyday sweet flavours, lemon has a vibrant citrus taste to refresh your day.

Strongly refreshing with a zingy citrus note. Orange’s full flavour experience is just like laying down in the middle of an orange field in Florida.

Watermelon is refreshing and beautifully fruity. Perfect for smoking on hot sunny days.

We offer other hookah flavors.

We are

Located At: 5820 Seminary Rd Ste O, Falls Church, VA 22041 | Phone: (703) 340-1014

TAZA Fresh! Shawarma Place

At TAZA SHawarma & Falafel, we blend traditional Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines, focusing on bringing out the greatest flavours, using the most authentic ingredients and serving it to you at a reasonable cost. We pride ourselves on doing things right

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Exotic Hookah


Hot & Cold Drinks


Mediterranean Food


Mediterranean Food

  • Caffe Latte


    Fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk


    Kunafa is a well-known Arabic dessert. It is a syrup soaked cheese pastry.
  • Juices


    Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Guava, piñata, extreme peach, berry mix.


    Caramel, Chocolate, Mocha, Oreo, Vanilla, Strawberry.


    Regular, Apple, Pineapple, Peach, Pomegranate, Strawberry.
  • Smoothies


    Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Cocktail, piñata, extreme peach, berry mix.


    Classic chickpeas puree with tahini, squeezed fresh lemon juice & olive oil.
  • Gyro Sandwich


    Combination of Beef and Lamb delicately spiced, served on grilled Pita with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce.
  • Appetizer Sampler




    Spicy and earthy flavor lamb sausage with pickled olives, tomatoes, mixed greens.


    Labneh with cucumber, tomatoes, and olive oil.


    Spicy and earthy flavor ground with onion, tomatoes, lettuce.

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Freshly made on daily basis


Beef or Chicken


Or Falafel

03Top it up

Top it up your way....

We are here to serve you the BEST middle eastern food and hookah.

Open Till 4AM Daily

Top Rated Hookah in DC area


Monday * 12pm - 4am
Tuesday * 12pm - 4am
Wednesday * 12pm - 4am
Thursday 12pm - 4am
Friday * 12pm - 4am
Saturday * 12pm - 4am
Sunday * 12pm - 4am
Open Daily From 12pm to 4am
Try our home made Turkish coffee in a stylish cup. Check out our menu for more info.


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Customer Reviews

Love this place. They know how to make a great hooka and their service is the best. Good food and good vibes. 🤙🏼

Emerson - Google Review

I just have to admit this hookah bar or cafe have the best hookah best service and the place is very clean. Great people and great atmosphere

Janeth - Yelp Review

I had a good experience in this hookah bar very clean place good service .I like the food and the hookah is amazing . If you come to Falls Church I recommend this place for you guys.

Mayra - Yelp Review